Jazzed Up Walls

I think it’s fair to say that my living room is lack luster; I have two completely barren walls that could use some loving to perk up the place. I would love to jazz things up with a photo/art gallery, but my collection is pretty small, it’s kind of a shame too because my boyfriend is a talented photographer. Wouldn’t we all love to have our very own personal Louvre right in our living room?

I recently started researching some home galleries and they’ve given me some ideas and pointers for my  own.

First, this link from SAS Interiors is really useful for planning your whole layout and has some really great gallery ideas, I love the mirror and frame display!

I know it’s super basic but it’s also super important to have a level picture or else it’s going to throw your whole gallery off. The tutorial from The Family Handyman  provides  some useful advice.

Now that we’ve got the basics, here’s some of my favorite galleries and pieces I’d love to incorporate in to my display:

Gwynn Griffith’s living room, September 2011Elle Decor

Wall ArtNest

Succulent Wall ArtInstructables

Pincha Mayurasana - Feathered Peacock PoseCamillia Lee

gallery wallNesting Place

Design AglowDesign Aglow

Old Book WreathThrifty Decorating

Edgar MoskoppEdgar Moskopp

Trend Interior Home

Trend Interior Home

Solstice Photography & Design Solstice Photography & Design

Oversized Wood Gallery FramePottery Barn

Over Thinking kiwiTACHAN





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