Easy Peasy Transformation

When you’re broke, you’ll take what you can get but that doesn’t mean you can’t transform say a dress in to something gorgeous and trendy.


This is what my side tables looked like before.


Rast Dresser Ikea

And now after.

Side table

D.I.Y. side table

So much better right?

Slap on a coat of paint, screw on some new knobs and do something funky to the top. Apply the same principle to old out of date furniture. Refinishing furniture is a fun weekend project that doesn’t take much time and is rather affordable. If you go to your local paint store and ask for mistint paint they’ll sell you a gallon for under $10! That’s it for paint that was almost unnoticeably different than what the customer wanted.

Antique shops and garage sales are great for finding one-of-a-kind knobs that look super chic for just pennies.

Now go throw down a drop cloth, grab that ugly desk and sand that baby down. Slap on a coat of paint and presto! Let your imagination go wild, it’s so cheap and easy that you can always change the look.

Here’s some refinished furniture to inspire.

Happy D.I.Y.!


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