Dress Up Your Home

So as I was waiting in line at the store for the chili ingredients the other day, I started flipping through some fashion magazines and got inspired for this post. I continued browsing fashion posts online and came across this beautiful outfit by The Cut’s Outfit of the Week: High-Shine Seafarer. I decided to take inspiration from this outfit and dress up living room to its likeness and created a web collage for you. The beautiful tufted sofa is to mimic the gorgeous wool coat and the choice of chest is inspired by the Cambridge Satchel bag. I chose denim colored paint instead of fabric because I find that over time, denim begins to look dated—too many bad 90’s photos. I tried really hard to include all the little details from the outfit into this room.

Restoration Hardware

Pier 1

My Deco

Benjamin Moore



Urban Barn


Restoration Hardware

Urban Barn


I like to try and get inspired by things in my everyday life, I stop and admire all the little things I come across, hence the recreation for an outfit. Don’t be afraid to get inspired for your home, be it from an outfit or painting, just be creative.


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