All About Bamboo

I’m taking a Fibers and Fabrics class for my Interior Design program and was assigned a research project on fabrics made of bamboo fibers. After doing some research I discovered some interesting facts about bamboo that I thought I would share and make for some interesting blogging.

-Bamboo fiber is a cellulose fiber made from the pulp of natural bamboo.

-Unspun bamboo fibers look very similar to unspun cotton.

-Before technology was improved, originally bamboo was cut in to thin strips to form hats, shoes and structural components for corsets and bustles.

-Bamboo fabrics don’t seem to cause any irritations to the skin that fibers like hemp and wool fabrics cause.

-Bamboo is considered to be ecological because the plants don’t need herbicides and pesticides to thrive and are super quick growing plants.

-Bamboo plants have many antibacterial qualities, which are believed to still retain in bamboo’s fabric form.

-Bamboo fabric is great for insulating clothing, as well as wicking moisture away from the skin.

-Bamboo fiber has a natural sheen and smoothness, which makes the fabric a less expensive alternative to silk.

-Bamboo fibers are better at absorbing dyes than cotton.


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